Commercial Access - Took my money and did nothing!

Yonkers, New York 2 comments
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Commercial Access and Joseph Tringali Jr/ also may work under Continental Home Loans is a fake and a fraud.He took over $2,200 for an application fee and appraisal for my commercial property.

In return he did nothing, got me a bogus business loan and is impossible to reach for a refund. I finally had to sue him and he never showed up in court. I won a judgement and I still am having a hard time getting my money back. Even the Marshall is having a hard time finding him.

I need to go back to court to get a different judgement and have him served.

WARNING: Stay far away from this person.He is a waste of your time and money!!!

Review about: Mortgage Broker.



I have a similar situation.I need to sue him.

But cant seem to find him any help would be appreciated.


he is hiding in eastchester parents house

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